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Create a Word Cloud for Free with These Great Online Tools

If you’re looking for a creative way to visualize your written content, word clouds are a fantastic tool. Word clouds are visual representations of text data that highlight the most frequently used words in a piece of writing. They can be used to identify the main topics or themes in your writing or to create a cool image for your blog or presentation.

The best part? You can create word clouds for free!

When should I use word clouds?

Word clouds can be a useful tool for a variety of applications, depending on your goals and the context of your work. Here are a few situations where word clouds can be especially helpful:

1. Visualizing text data.

Word clouds are a great way to get a quick overview of the most common words or phrases in a piece of text data. This can be useful for analyzing survey responses, customer feedback, social media comments, and more.

2. Identifying key themes.

By examining the words in a word cloud, you can quickly identify the most frequently mentioned topics or themes in a piece of writing. This can be helpful for summarizing content or identifying areas of focus for further research.

3. Creating engaging visuals.

Word clouds can be a visually striking way to present information in a presentation, report, or blog post. By using a creative layout and design, you can draw attention to key ideas and make your content more engaging for your audience.

4. Brainstorming or idea generation.

Word clouds can be a fun and creative way to generate new ideas or prompt creative thinking. By inputting a list of related words or phrases, you can create a word cloud that inspires new connections and associations.

Overall, word clouds can be a versatile and useful tool in many different settings. Just be sure to use them thoughtfully and intentionally, and always consider the context and goals of your work when deciding whether or not to use a word cloud.

What are the best word cloud generators I can use for free?


Our favorite free word cloud generator is WordArt is super flexible with features like including emojis and icons, uploading custom fonts and custom shapes, along with the usual features like customizing colors, fonts, and layouts. 


Want to make a word cloud quickly from content on a website? is a great solution. From the website’s menu, just select “Word List” > “Extract Words from Web Page (URL)” and the words will populate automatically! Pretty cool, huh?!? 

3. includes emoji support, the ability to input phrases using the ~ symbol, and the option to customize the colors, frequency, and rank of individual words.

4. Poll Everywhere (Free Trial)

So, this one isn’t free outside of the free trial but is definitely worth a mention. If you’re looking for a live word cloud created by audience feedback, check out Poll Everywhere.

Word clouds are a great way to add visual interest to your writing. Whether you’re creating a blog post, presentation, visualization, or report, using a word cloud can help your readers quickly identify the main topics or themes of your content. And with these free tools, you can create professional-looking word clouds without spending a dime. Happy word cloud creating!

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